Manitoba Hydro Natural Gas Meter Relocations


As part of Manitoba Hydro’s ongoing commitment to safely deliver natural gas service to our customers, they recently completed a visual inspection of the natural gas meter and related equipment outside selected homes. That inspection revealed that repairs are required to ensure long term safe operation.

As a result, Manitoba Hydro has contracting Global Mechanical make the required repairs. This work will be paid for by Manitoba Hydro with no cost to the homeowner. In some cases, this work will require access to the interior of the home.

A representative of Global Mechanical will review specific details with you before beginning the work.  Global Mechanical will be contact affected customers of Manitoba Hydro by letter, and also following up by phone calls to make an appointment to get this work completed. If you have received a letter and would like to book your work assessment appointment with Global Mechanical please call 204-661-7092 for the direct desk making appointments or email

If you wish to confirm with Manitoba Hydro you can call 204-480-5900 or the Program Administrator at;

Damian McKenzie
Program Administrator
Manitoba Hydro