Water & Waste
Backflow Prevention & Testing

A backflow prevention device is used in plumbing systems to prevent the reverse flow of contaminated water or other substances from flowing back into the clean water supply.

Backflow can occur when the pressure in the water supply system drops below the pressure in the plumbing system, causing water or other substances to flow back into the clean water supply. This can lead to water supply contamination and pose a serious health risk.

A backflow preventer typically consists of a valve or series of valves that allow water to flow in one direction but prevent it from flowing back in the opposite direction. Different types of backflow preventers are available, including atmospheric vacuum breakers, double-check valves, and reduced pressure zone devices. The type of backflow preventer required will depend on the specific application and the level of protection required.

The City of Winnipeg requires businesses to prevent backflow and follow their Backflow Prevention Program.

Backflow prevention devices must be tested annually with properly calibrated equipment to ensure they are working properly.

Global Mechanical is licensed to test and maintain your backflow preventer.