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Clogged Drains or Frozen Pipes

Drain Cleaning Thaw PipesIt's not uncommon to experience frozen pipes in Manitoba. 

We have perfected our methods for efficiently thawing water service pipes with our truck mounted steam generator and specialized electric pipe heaters. Global Mechanical drain cleaning division has all the required equipment to thaw frozen pipes. Our plumbers are trained in the proper use of this specialized equipment.

We can thaw the water service.

Sluggish drains, standing water, sewer overflow... we can help.
When drain pipes get clogged you can experience problems with toilets, main sewers, sinks, tubs, showers, laundry lines, floor drains, or anywhere a drain pipe is used. Odours and flooding can cause a lot of property damage.
Foreign objects, misaligned or collapsed pipes and tree roots are common causes for drain pipe problems.

Preventative Maintenance

Global Mechanical is fully stocked with all the equipment needed to prevent any unwanted water or waste from flowing in your business. Along with our emergency service we also handle general maintenance including indoor and outdoor tap or pipe repairs and replacements. We offer full plumbing services as well.


Our trained professionals know how to solve these problems fast, using equipment that will open the most stubborn clogs. We scour pipe walls and use drain pumps to deal with the immediate problem, then offer solutions to fix or avoid future issues. Our service trucks are equipped with the latest in drain cleaning equipment, cameras and pipe locators.  Our technicians are trained to complete any emergency repairs required.