Commercial Building
Preventative Maintenance Programs

Global has always believed in providing the best maintenance programs to ensure that each piece of equipment receives all the maintenance service needed to;

1) Detect any problems early to reduce repair costs and emergency calls.

2) Maximize the potential life equipment and the investment of clients.

We understand every client has budget constraints to work within for maintenance and this is why we provide a good, better, best level of service to clean, assess and provide preventative maintenance. The highest level helps ensure consistent optimal performance and life, but even minimal annual service is important to ensure your equipment with not cause costly breakdowns.


Preventative Maintenance quotes are based on this procedure:

1) Physical site inspection.

    • Each location will have a site inspection to inventory all equipment requiring a service schedule.
    • Each piece of equipment will be photographed. Serial numbers and model numbers to be included in the schedule.

2) Each piece of equipment is added to our maintenance schedule with intervals of service and levels of inspections and a cost created based on the overall schedule.

3) Each quote is hand-delivered with the opportunity to review the quote.

For an additional cost during the quoting process - we can provide a visual or a physical inspection report detailing all the equipment descriptions, model/serial numbers, photos and a report on the overall conditions or immediate noticeable condition and concerns.