Paint Booths

Automotive, Metal Fabrication/Woodworking, Industrial

Global Mechanical is your trusted servicing contractor for paint booths in Manitoba and northwestern Ontario. With our expert team and industry experience, we provide comprehensive repair/maintenance services and installation (we have our own engineers for the permits) for all types of paint booths.

Brands we service include Global Finishing Solutions (GFS), Garmat, Devilbis, Elite, Spray Tech, and SprayBake.

As certified specialists in Winnipeg, Global Mechanical offers comprehensive services in maintaining, servicing, designing, and installing industrial paint booths.

Efficiently operating paint booths are safe for the environment and good for business.


Global can make your old paint booth new again! Our team has extensive experience with older booths, and we're adept at keeping your booth operational until its last spray. Regardless of the age or condition of your booth, we can assess any issues and suggest ways to enhance airflow during both the painting and baking cycles. We have experience adding VFDs and modifying ductwork to improve temperature and CFM. We can re-light the booth with new LED fixtures and change those old gaskets.

Retro-commissioning your paint booth involves evaluating and optimizing the existing mechanical, electrical and controls systems to ensure their efficient operation. Our goal is to identify any issues, inefficiencies, or deviations in your booth. Here are the steps we follow when retro-commissioning your paint booth:

1. Assessment:
We begin by conducting a thorough assessment of your paint booth. We review the original specifications, and any maintenance records. Document the current state of your paint booth, including its layout, ventilation system, filtration units, exhaust fans, lighting, and controls.

2. Performance Testing:
Perform a series of performance tests to evaluate your paint booth's functionality. This may involve measuring airflow rates, monitoring temperature and pressure differential levels, and checking filtration efficiency. We use specialized equipment and instruments to gather accurate data and compare the results with the manufacturer’s specifications. We identify areas that require adjustment or improvement, such as inadequate ventilation or inconsistent airflow patterns.

3. System Optimization:
Based on the assessment and performance testing, develop a comprehensive plan to optimize your paint booth. This could include recalibrating control settings, replacing worn-out filters or fans, installing additional lighting fixtures, or modifying your ductwork to improve airflow distribution. Make sure to prioritize energy efficiency, worker safety, and compliance with relevant regulations during the optimization process. We document all the changes made and update your equipment manuals and maintenance procedures accordingly. We report back to you our findings and any additional recommendations.

By following these steps, we can effectively retro-commission your paint booth, enhancing its performance, energy efficiency, and safety while ensuring compliance with industry standards and regulations.

Design and Install a New Spray Paint Booth

From a small bench top spray station to the largest paint booths, we know the technology and the regulations. Our knowledgeable team of engineers and skilled tradesmen can assist you in selecting the best paint booth for your requirements and help you pick the right spot in your building to meet codes and your production needs. The province, cities and some municipalities all have rules to follow for spray application and storage of flammables. We know the regulations and how to keep you on side.

Global Mechanical has all the right people to create the perfect paint booth for your business. From permitting to design and installation, we'll help you make the right choices.

Navigating the Complex Regulations

There’s nothing worse than a surprise inspection only to discover that you’ll need to close shop for a few days or more. Sisu Engineering specializes in knowing all the boxes that need to be checked to pass a safety inspection. We'll help inspect, service and maintain your paint booth so you focus on your business and not worry about the mechanics.



Our commitment to superior quality ensures exceptional results for every service call and project. Contact us today to experience our top-notch service and let us take care of your paint booth needs.