Metal Fabrication & Cabinet Making Paint Booths

Retro Commission or New Design

Keep Your Paint and Finishing Shop Running Smoothly with Global Mechanical

Paint booth regular maintenance, repairs, performance tuning and cleaning. Seasonal inspections and repairs. Cleaning and balancing exhaust fan, tuning the exhaust and temperature to get the best cycle time in summer and winter. We can fix what's broken or upgrade to code. We have experience in paint booth controls and access to parts and materials.

Global Mechanical is committed to ensuring your space complies with all guidelines, preventing any surprise closures following unanticipated inspections. We specialize in ensuring all necessary safety measures are in place, so you can focus on running your business.



Get the most out of your existing booth! Global Mechanical can make your old paint booth new again!

Our team has extensive experience with older booths, and we're adept at keeping them operational until their last spray. Regardless of the age or condition of your booth, we can assess any issues and suggest ways to enhance airflow during both the painting and baking cycles.

We'll help ensure your paint space is safe for inspection. There’s nothing worse than a surprise inspection only to discover that you’ll need to close shop for a few days or more. We specialize in knowing all the boxes that need to be checked to pass a safety inspection. Controls, ventilation, heating, cooling regulations are in place to keep everyone safe. Global can help inspect, service and maintain your paint booth so you focus on your business and not worry about the mechanics it.

Smart Technicians Backed by Engineers

Our skilled technicians, backed by expert engineers, understand the mechanics of paint booths. They can diagnose and resolve any problems you might be experiencing and make recommendations for improvements.

Advanced Controls Work

We place special emphasis on the control systems of your paint booth. Proper functioning of controls not only improves the efficiency of your operations but also ensures compliance with safety regulations.

Safety Inspections and Maintenance

Our expertise covers the inspection, servicing, and maintenance of all aspects of your paint booth. Including, controls, ventilation, heating and cooling regulations. These measures are essential to maintain a safe working environment.

Don't let the technicalities of paint booth operation and maintenance distract you from your business.

With Global Mechanical, you have a trusted partner that handles all the technical aspects, so you can focus on what you do best.

For help with maintaining the safety and efficiency of your auto body shop, contact Global Mechanical today.