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Sewer & Back Water Protection

Sump Pit Tanks come with stainless steel hardware. A hexagon design with a large flange to lock the tank into the concrete. The lid is high-density polyethylene and comes with a neoprene gasket, grommet for the electrical cords and a 1.5" opening for the discharge pipe. Strong, corrosion resistant, durable polyethylene tank.

Backwater Valve A backwater valve provides protection against backflow of sewage into your building. It allows for free flow of air and outflow of sewage (Normally open backwater valve).

Sump Pit Tank

Sump Pit

Sump Pump

Sump Pump

Water Flow

Backwater Valve Flow

Mainline Backwater Valve (normally open)

Mainline backwater valve

Fio Backwater Valve (normally open)

Fio Backwater Valve

Individual Floor Drain Protection

Floor Drain

Location of Main Building Sewer Backwater Valve

Commercial Backwater Valve Location

Some homes cannot have the backwater valve on the main line- especially combined sewer neighbourhoods like river heights, Cresentwood, St James, Old St Vital, Transcona.

Branch backwatervalve location

Backwater Valve Installation

Backwater Valve Installation